Breakdown Services

As with any piece of equipment, when used continuously or for long enough, your weighbridge, weighing equipment or product inspection equipment is susceptible to break downs - requiring repairs.

If downtime means lost money, then you need to have a repair effected quickly. One Weigh has fully-trained service personnel that can respond to your breakdown service call promptly.

One Weigh also has the ability to service a broad range of equipment, brands, and models - not just the brands we regularly sell.

After-hours Servicing

Equipment breakdown occurring towards the end of the day, after hours, or on a weekend can cause significant downtime for your business. One Weigh believes that you need a service provider that is flexible enough to meet your servicing needs and ensure you don't lose valuable production time.

At One Weigh, we are more than happy to provide an after-hours breakdown service to our customers because we understand that downtime can mean lost income.

Our after-hours servicing operates outside the hours of 7:30am to 4:00pm, Monday to Friday.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is servicing and inspection that is carried out on a piece of equipment to ensure it remains in good working order. When preventative maintenance is carried out, the likelihood of the equipment failing is greatly reduced.

A regular program of preventative maintenance can be much more cost-effective and convenient than having to carry out unexpected repairs on a piece of equipment after it has already failed.

One Weigh offers you preventative maintenance carried out by One Weigh's highly skilled service technicians, to keep your equipment in top working order.