Trade Approved Scales

Trade approved scales and commercial scales are available from One Weigh to suit all legal-for-trade weighing applications.

Trade Measurement

Trade measurement is the system that regulates the buying or selling of goods and services where the value is determined by measurement. Whether you are buying or selling beef by weight, milk by volume, or fabric by length, it is important to know your consumer rights and business obligations under trade measurement laws.

Definition of a Trade Scale

A trade scale is one used in "determining the consideration in respect of a transaction". In other words, if the weight reading of a scale is used to buy or sell product, or to charge a tax or toll, it must be considered as a trade scale. As a trade scale, it must be either certified by an inspector from the NMI, or certified by a licensee. One Weigh is licensed to certify trade scales in all states of Australia.

Trade-Approved Scales

Scales to be used for trade must be of a trade-approved design. The design has to be certified by NMI before being released to the market. Scales that do not have a trade-approved design may be just as sensitive and as accurate as a scale with a trade-approved design. However it is illegal to use this scale for trade, very severe penalties can apply.